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AutoPIPE Pipe Stress

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In Wiki Errors section improve E514-2 description of"Why and How to Avoid"

Add to E514-2 error description found in AutoPIPE Wiki that when re-running Time History analyses using older models, Time History Profile (*.THP) files may need to be created by importing old (*.TIH) files.
Guest 7 months ago in UI 2 Shipped

Upgrade Autopipe code base to 64 bit platform

As the complexity of stress models increase, with multiple load cases, seismic cases, input loads, static analysis sets, thermal cases, nonlinear analysis, etc, we have seen Autopipe lag significantly. One idea to improve the speed and performance...
Sujaan Ahamed Fareed 9 months ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 2 Shipped

Snow loading acc. to EN 1991-1-3 (Snow)

In the European Union we design acc. to EN 1991-1-3 (Snow), hence it would be nice if snow load are implemented as in other pipe stress analysis programs.
Guest 11 months ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 2 Shipped

Insert 2 node points when a flange is inserted, to allow the user to set the BW SIF

By default, when you insert a WN or Lap Joint flange in Autopipe, it does not account for SIF at the BW joint. User has to enter an additional node point at a flange length and define a Joint Type with a defined offset. This could be automated.
Sujaan Ahamed Fareed over 1 year ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 0 Shipped

Add feature to easily check displacements at either end of an expansion joint or flexible connection for comparison with manufacturers allowables

No description provided
Guest over 1 year ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 1 Shipped

Bring back the DGN export option

DGN file are more useful and better presentation than the DXF exported files. When DGN does come back include the corner nodes for elbows.
Kevin Koorey about 2 years ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 3 Shipped

B31E code option

Add an option to use B31E (Standard for the Seismic Design) section 3.4 equation and the SSRS load combinations
Kevin Koorey almost 3 years ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 3 Shipped

Include B31.1 2020 option

No description provided
Kevin Koorey about 3 years ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 1 Shipped

Bring Back Extended Component Report, changed to Add Connectivity Report

No description provided
Phil Senior over 3 years ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 2 Shipped


This is the test idea
Waqar Ahmed almost 4 years ago in AutoPIPE Pipe Stress 0 Shipped