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Status Will not implement
Created by Wojciech Augustyn
Created on Jul 24, 2022

Why there is no option what components to show after clicking the show component dialog box

When you work with a model that consiously you hide different kind of components in it, and then you want to show only one kind of hidden components for example the guide supports, it turns out that such a function does not exist in Autopipe. After clicking the command show component all, unfortunatelly all hidden components appear at the monitor screen. It would be convinient for the user after clicking the command of show component that at first the show component dialog box would appear, and then the user could choose which components to show (sometimes the user does not want to see all hidden components ater clicking that command).

  • Admin
    Phil Senior
    Jan 13, 2023

    To do this you only have to select Hide Component and uncheck the one you want to show again. Show Components is intended to return all and is working as designed.