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Created on Oct 22, 2020

Add trunnions and connected supports to Stress Isometric

Stress ISOmetric, I would like to see the trunnions shown along with their attached supports

This will definitely save time having to annotate stress isos to show the missing pipe supports with the trunnions.

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    Phil Senior
    Oct 26, 2020

    We already show trunnions at elbows in the StressISO with its length. Since these supports are not components in AutoPIPE they can only be shown as the restraint they represents in the ISO. If you want you could model the trunnion as a cross, this way the supporting members would show up. OPIM does not handle structural members.

  • Guest
    Oct 22, 2020

    See WIKI here for modeling a trunnion attachment in AutoPIPE. As mentioned a trunnon modeled with Beam elements will not appear on a stress iso. This has been logged as a new enhancement (1042361).