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Created on May 5, 2021

Increase tag length or remove the restriction altogether (like Caesar II)

The current max length of tags is 36 characters. Tag is meanwhile just about the only play where we can save some element-specific information. For example in the case of a Support I would like to save AT LEAST the following:
1) The designation of this particular support (unique ID across all the supports on this construction site).
2) The make of support (specifying the precise type and size by pointing to a catalog of supports).
3) The designation of steel structure this support is attached to (again, unique across all structures).
4) The make of the steel structure.

36 char limit is far too restrictive to save all of that (in some semi-human-readable way mind you).

IMHO having such information encoded in tags (or any other free-form field present on all elements) is the only way to enable meaningful automation. I can't speak for other people but my and my company's workflows would benefit tremendously if AutoPIPE allowed long tags.

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