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Status Needs review
Categories Modelling
Created by Guest
Created on May 27, 2024

Import Caesar II model

I would like to import a Caesar II model. However, I was not able to. I asked for Bentley's tech support help, but I was directed to look at 'Import a Caesar II Neutral (CII) File' from AutoPIPE's help. It is just a general guide. There were a few items to perform task from Caesar II program side. For example, the unit must be in Metric and the density to be set to 1 in metric unit file *.c2u. My piping engineer said Caesar II file does not have any fie with *.c2u extension. So, it appears, importing Caesar II file from AutoPIPE is a dead end.

There is another link,

This link in Bentley Communities says, you can import Caesar II file v12 or lower. However, we do not keep/use this lower version anymore.

It appears it is a dead end and we have been using Caesar II for a long time. I suggest Bentley has a program whereby a user can import any Caesar II file without the need to perform any work from Caesar II side. This can be a tremendous boost of AutoPIPE users if you have this import feature functioning.

  • Admin
    Phil Senior
    Jul 3, 2024

    We recognise that many Caesar users prefer to use AutoPIPE for a number of reasons and to support this we provide an import from their .cii neutral file. Caesar's inability to write back is the issue here and this means their users lose compatibility with older versions, something we do not suffer from in AutoPIPE. If you could get them to support you like this then we would not be faced with the need to update to their latest version each time. We do not own a copy of Caesar and we cannot buy one, so we have to rely on the good will of our partners or users to help with testing. We react to our user's requests for this and yours is the first we have had, and since we are already working on AutoPIPE 2025 it is unlikely we will have capacity for this work until after that.

    If you would edit your title and make it clearer in the description that you are asking us to add support for Caesar v13, that will help others to vote on your idea and increase its importance.