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Created on Mar 2, 2021

When exporting a model, the user should have the ability to select which nodes are exported based on the type of element it represents.

When creating stress isometric drawings, my team typically exports a .dxf file of the AutoPIPE Model. We are only concerned with nodes that represent support locations, however, there is no option to export only support nodes. Having this option available would greatly improve our workflow by eliminating the need to manually delete nodes that are not needed. A second benefit would come when the need arises to link a .dwg of the AutoPIPE model into Revit. Since Revit has the ability to read the nodes from a linked dwg of an AutoPIPE model, having the option of only showing support nodes would allow Revit to only read the nodes we are interested in. To implement this idea, there should be a new dialog box for dxf export options that allows the user to select which node point to export based on the element it represents (slide, guide, anchor).

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    Mar 3, 2021

    This would definitely save time!