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Status Future consideration
Categories Reporting
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 18, 2023

Total Length of Pipe

Once pipe properties are assigned to a run, the total length of the run with that property is calculated. For example I have 3 runs, a 2ft run, 4 ft run and 2 ft run. I assigned the property of A335P11 to the 2ft runs and SS36 to the 4ft run. AutoPipe would calculate that I have a total of 4ft of A335P11 and 4ft of SS36. This would streamline MTOs and procurement for projects.

  • Admin
    Phil Senior
    Aug 21, 2023

    Thanks Jeff for posting this. In the past we have resisted doing this as it is the job of the design applications and not the stress applications. Also we use Pipe ID for defining a lot of parameters and often we can have hundreds of Pipe IDs, particularly if importing geometry from CAD, that are very similar with minor differences. These would all report hundred of run lengths. This is normally dealt with in the design apps using specs, we do not have this control. We can look at pushing this information, but the clean up would have to be at the User's end. Alternatively we can report based on OD and thickness and/or material and group this way.